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Petite Purls
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Blooming Yo-yo

By Tristana Fernandez

My daughter has grown 3 inches in the last 6 months and it was time to look at her wardrobe again to see if there are any pieces that I can create to work with her store bought clothing. My first rule of thumb, the item should be mix and match, easy to layer and work for at least several seasons. Since her school staples are skirts, and she didn't have a wrap skirt, the "Blooming Yo-yo" was created.


2[4, 6, 8, 10]
Shown in Size 6.

Finished Measurements

Fitting Waist Guidelines: 21[21.5, 22.5, 23.5, 24.5] inches
Fitting Hip Guidelines: Hip 22[23.5, 25, 28, 29.5] inches
Finished Waist with cross wraps: 25.75[26.75, 27.5, 29.25, 30.75] inches
Finished Hem Circumference with cross wraps: 46.75[49.25, 50.25, 54.75, 58.25] inches
Finished Total Length: 6[7.75, 9.25, 11, 12.5] inches


Tahki Yarns Bali [100% Bamboo; 81 yards/75 meters per 50 gram/1.75 ounce ball];

#018 Cherry Blossom; 3[3, 3, 4, 4] balls
#020 Stone; 1 ball for all sizes

Editor's Note: Tahki Bali is no longer available. When substituting yarn, always purchase according to the yardage requirements since equal weights of different fibers yield different yardage.

Suggested Alternate Yarn: Tahki Yarns Sahara [44% Viscose, 36% Bamboo, 20% Linen; 87 yards/80 meters per 50 gram/1.75 ounce per ball]

Recommended needle sizes

US 10/6 mm 24 inch circular needle
US 9/5.5 mm 24 inch circular needle


Stitch Markers
4 Sew-on snaps, size 10/21 mm
.75 inch elastic – 12 inches
Yarn needle
Sewing needle


With larger size needle, 14 sts and 25 rows = 4 inches square after blocking

Pattern Notes

Skirt is worked flat on circular needles from the waist to hem. The waist uses Moss Stitch to give it some stability. All increases occur at the side seams and the front and back edges of the skirt. The hem features a four-stitch open lace pattern.

Moss Stitch (multiple of 2 sts)
Row 1 (RS): * k1, p1; repeat from * across.
Row 2: * p1, k1; repeat from * across.

Lacework Pattern Stitch (multiple of 4 sts)
Row 1 (RS): *K3, p1; repeat from * across.
Row 2: * (K1, yo, k1) into next st, P3tog; repeat from * across.
Row 3: * P1, k3; repeat from * across.
Row 4: * P3tog, (k1, yo, k1) into next st; repeat from * across.

On RS rows, knit into the front and into the back of the same st; on WS rows, purl into the front and into the back of the same st.

Skills Required

Lace Knitting



With smaller needle and MC, cast on 30[31, 32, 34, 36] sts, pm, 30[32, 32, 34, 36] sts, pm, 30[31, 32, 34,36] sts: 90[94, 96, 102, 108] sts total.

Rows 1-5: Work in Moss Stitch pattern.



Note: All increase rows add 6 sts. The first and last increases are worked 2 stitches from the ends; the remaining 4 increases are worked before and after each side seam marker.

Next Row (WS - Increase Row): K1, p1, pfb, * purl to within one st of marker, pfb, slip marker, pfb; repeat from * once more, purl across to last 3 sts, pfb, p1, k1: 96[100, 102, 108, 114] sts total.

Next Row: Knit across.

Next Row: K1, purl across to last st, k1.

Cont in patt increasing 6 sts every 3[3, 4, 3, 3] rows, 3[3, 5, 4, 6] times, then inc every 4[4, 5, 4, 4] rows, 2[3, 1, 4, 3] times: 126[136, 138, 156, 168] sts, 23[27, 31, 34, 36] total rows worked.


Work increase row, then continue in patt increasing every 1[2, 3, 5, 6] rows, 4[3, 2, 5, 2] times, then inc every 2[3, 4, 0, 7] rows, 1[2, 3, 0, 3] times: 162[172, 174, 192, 204] sts, 30[40, 50, 60, 70] total rows.


Row 1: Knit across increasing 2[0, 2, 0, 0] sts: 164[172, 176, 192, 204] sts.
Row 2: Knit across.
Change to CC.
Row 3: K2, work Row 1 of Lacework Pattern Stitch, k2.
Rows 4-6: K2, work next row of Lacework Pattern Stitch, k2.
Rows 7 and 8: Knit across.
Bind off all sts.



Weave in ends and block skirt.

With the right front over the left front, sew four snaps to the front waistband. Place one snap at each side seam, then place remaining 2 snaps evenly between edge snaps.

To prepare the elastic waistband for the skirt back, measure your skirt back waist and subtract 2 inches from the measurement; cut your elastic to this length. Pin the center of the elastic to the wrong side center of the skirt back.

Pin ends of elastic to side seams.

Stretch the elastic as you hand stitch or machine zigzag stitch (stitch width size 3) each edge of the elastic to the skirt.

YO-YO FLOWERS (Optional)

For 2 flowers, knit 2 in MC and 2 in CC.

Cast on 8 sts.
Row 1: * Kfb twice in the same stitch; repeat from * across: 32 sts.
Row 2: * P4tog; repeat from * across: 8 sts.
Row 3 (Bind Off Row): K1,* pick up st in between next st from front to back and k, pass second st on right needle over first st, k1, pass second st on right needle over first st; repeat from * across.

Overlap ends and sew together.

Layer MC flower over CC flower and sew together in the center.

Sew Yo-Yo flowers on the right side over the 2 center snaps.

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Carey Huffman

Tristana is a busy mom who knits, spins, sews and dyes fibers as well as coaching gymnastics. Her daughter serves as inspiration for her children's wear.


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